4 Steps to a Green & Sustainable Work Place

Give Your Workplace That Green Touch

Mulched Garden

It’s easy to set up a sustainable work place. Bringing more Green and Sustainable practices into your workplace can have benefits for everyone and the environment.

Here’s 4 steps you can take, to make your workplace more sustainable:


Recycle Food Scraps

Easily manage and give use to food scraps by incorporating a compost bin into your workplace. Composting is the biological breakdown of organic matter into compost, which is a substance that contains stable and readily available nutrients. Once you fill up the compost bin at your workplace, simply empty it into your garden to provide soil fertility and encourage plant growth.

Worm Beds

Another way to dispose of food scraps is through a worm bed. A worm bed is a garden bed that is created just for feeding and raising worms. This options is great if you have the space because it attracts more worms to your garden, which in return keeps it nice and healthy.

Create Veggie and Herb Gardens at Your Work Place

Having a Veggie and Herb garden at your work place can bring multiple benefits for everyone in the office. Gardening is a great stress reliever, having a garden in the office can give workers a break from a stressful day at work, and a garden is a great way for workers to take home fresh herbs and veggies each day or to use them for their lunch at work.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to green up the office, they increase oxygen throughout the office, add life to your work place environment, and give workers a small break each day to water the plants.