5 Ways to Help Revive Dying Plants

Give New Life to your Plants!

Mulched Garden

We all live busy lives, and from time to time we neglect watering our plants because other things take over. Before making that final decision and removing dying plants, why not give them one more shot at life with these tips.


Soil Improvement

Soil provides a substantial diet and nutrients for your plants. If your plants are dying you may simply need to replace the soil around them to provide your plants with the health they need to succeed and live again.


Provide them with extra nutrients

Make sure you water your dying plants well and use nutrient boosters, such as a seaweed tonic diluted in water, to help promote health in your soil and promote root growth.


Location of your plant

Move your plant to an appropriate spot in your garden so it receives its required amount of shade or sun.


Protection from pests

Spray your plants for things like aphids and allow your plants to focus on growth and becoming healthy again.


Trim your plants back

Cut your plants back and remove any dead leaves or branches, this will help promote growth and health within your garden.