Bringing Communities Together Through Gardening

Teaching Students About Horticulture

Mulched Garden

School doesn’t have to be all about staying indoors with textbooks and computers, it’s good to take a break in the great outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise through gardening.

One of our Brisbane Schools has taken this approach by creating a ‘Life Garden’, which is a space for students, parents, staff and the wider community to visit within the school grounds that teaches them basic horticulture skills. The Life Garden is overseen by Green Options’ Marc Webb who maintains the entire campus grounds.

The garden is made up of various plants, flowers and a vegetable garden that gives students hands on time and teaches them valuable life skills they can use in the future, and a nice break out in the sunshine. The school also utilises a green house that teaches students to propagate vegetables and plants from the school grounds to spread the plants around the entire campus, Green Options oversee these operations and share our knowledge with the students.

This program has been incredibly successful, the students are getting a break from the classroom, learning about horticulture, and contributing to the school grounds and gardens. It’s also bringing the local community closer by encouraging everyone to participate. Green Options are very proud to be part of this incredible initiative.