Green Options & The Sebastian Foundation Working Together to Restore Hope

Restoring Hope

We’re so excited to have worked with the Sebastian Foundation once again. Our latest project had us working at Guthrie House, which provides a safe space for women to rehabilitate, improve their lifestyle and empower them back into the community. Please watch the video below, which is a quick summary of what we did with The Sebastian Foundation, and take a look at the before and after photos of the beautiful space we created for Guthrie House.

We worked closely with the Sebastian Foundation to upgrade Guthrie House with a beautiful outdoor area which includes a deck, gardens, landscaped areas, BBQ and new BBQ area, a herb garden and a carefully designed and constructed indigenous yarning circle. The results were well received by the residents of Guthrie House, the women absolutely love the new space.

After completion, we all gathered around the upgraded space and enjoyed lunch, thanks to our friends at Chargrill Charlie’s.

We have really enjoyed working with The Sebastian Foundation and helping an important cause and we look forward to more projects together in the future. We hope the women enjoy their new space at Guthrie House as much as we enjoyed building it.

To read more about the wonderful work Guy and Jules do at the Sebastian Foundation, and to get involved with us in helping the wonderful foundation please click here