Championship Turf Surfaces Across QLD

Championship Turf by Green Options!

Green Options has recently been host to Bowls and Croquet championships across QLD.

Chermside Bowls Club recently had the pleasure in hosting the 2017 State Multi Disability Championships.The Championships Consisted of Bowlers State wide of Australia with disabilities such as Deaf, Hard of hearing, Blind, Wheelchair, Disabled, and life stream bowlers.

The Green Options Team led by Jamie Ashley were able to exceed the expectations of the organisers and maintain the green speed for all three greens above 16seconds. It was a great pleasure to work with Chermside Bowls Club in hosting this amazing event.

The National Croquet Championships was another recently held event at the Graceville and Mcllwraith Croquet Clubs. Graceville held the singles games, while Mcllwraith hosted the finals.

Players travelled from all over the country and the expectations were very high for the courts to run smoothly.

Green Options staff worked closely with each club to ensure the greens were at a national level leading into the championship.