#Groovinthemoo in the Nations Capital

University Event Management

The University of Canberra plays host to one of the biggest outdoor music festival in Australia, Groovin the Moo, each year. The event, which was completely Sold Out, attracted over 15,000 spectators and was held across several of the Universities playing fields, that prior to the event house winter sport fixtures.

The concert took place on a Sunday but construction for the event commenced over a week before as building of the staging, marquees, and amenities takes place. During this time, a huge range of heavy machinery moves across the turf, leaving wear and large tracks over the fields that were played on only days before. Once the concert has been staged and completed, a further 4-5 days is required for the same heavy machinery to pack the venue down.

Groovin’ the Moo is one of the biggest events held in Canberra each year, it attracts musical artists from across the globe, some of these in 2017 included Milky Chance, Amy Shark, Allday and the Darkness. Visitors from across Australia travel down to the nation’s capital to enjoy a day filled with music and good times at the University of Canberra. The venue was at capacity with thousands of festival attendees coming to this event which sold out months prior.

After Groovin' the Moo
2 Weeks Later with Green Options

All of this was taking pace as winter came early to Canberra with severe frosts being experienced as soon as the day after the event – making grass growth more difficult.
Prior to Green Options arrival at the University of Canberra, the grounds were generally closed for almost 2 months to have them acceptable for recommencement of the winter sport season. Green Options staff had the fields ready for play again within 2 weeks of receiving them back from the event organisers (The pictures above show the turf after the event, and again 2 weeks later).