Nitro Circus Comes to the Central Coast

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Nitro Circus at Central Coast Stadium

During one of our busiest times of the year a huge event was held at one of our stadiums. Nitro Circus returned to the Central Coast after five years for its adrenaline charged action sports show, its location was chosen for its picturesque view overlooking Australia’s beautiful coastline.

On top of Nitro Circus, we were challenged with two A League matches rostered before and after the event. We had to use our Sports Turf Maintenance expertise to ensure the quality of the stadium turf did not suffer due to hosting Nitro Circus.

Central Coast Stadium Turf After Heavy Rain
Central Coast Stadium Turf After Rain

In case this wasn’t a challenge enough, the Central Coast was showered in 77mm of rain in a 45 minute timeframe 2 days out from Nitro Circus, leaving the stadium flooded. Our grounds team quickly dispersed the water covering the stadium turf and spent the next couple of days preparing for the Nitro Circus equipment bump in.

Central Coast Turf Maintenance Green Options

The event was a great success, the turf withstood the enormous bike jumps and matts that covered the majority of the stadiums turf, and the stadium itself was packed with cheering fans. After the event we went over the entire sports turf ensuring there was no debris left behind and began preparations for the A League game to come.

Our grounds team used their event management expertise to ensure the changeover from event to event was seamless and the turf stayed in top shape and maintained its elite playing level throughout. Well done team, we are extremely proud of the results.

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