Power Comes to Redfern Oval

AFL & NRL Collide at Redfern Oval

Green Options are proud to have hosted the training camps all week for Port Adelaide Power and South Sydney Rabbitohs as they trained side by side at Redfern Oval in a hybrid mix of AFL and NRL games. The Adelaide AFL team traveled all the way to ’The Holy Land’ Redfern Oval just for the training sessions.

Port Adelaide Power sent over 11 Aussie Rules players to Sydney to go head to head with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in a series of ‘Hybrid’ games between the 2 sporting codes. The games began with a series of three training sessions involving a mix of kicking, catching, grappling and tackling which were designed to put the players out of their comfort zones of their own sporting codes and pick up techniques from both AFL and NRL.

Green Options proudly maintain Redfern Oval for the South Sydney Rabbitohs.