A-League to NRL Changeover in Hours

Green Options Sports Stadium Maintenance

On Friday 23rd February, Central Coast Stadium played host to the Round 21 Hyundai A-league clash between The Central Coast Mariners and Wellington Phoenix. In preparation for this match, the pitch was in pristine condition being double cut to 22mm pre-game and a complete mark out was carried out. The pitch played extremely well with the CC Mariners taking all 3 points in front of close to 5,000 screaming fans.

Once the match concluded around 10pm, Green Options ground staff got to work to transform the surface from Soccer to Rugby league with only 16hours until the first game on the Saturday. In just a few hours, our team had soccer posts and nets down, all lines washed out, NRL posts installed and the surface thoroughly inspected for any divots.

The following morning was another early start with the field of play being double cut at first sun light to ensure the field was completed cleaned up and ready for another day of play. Once this was complete an NRL field was marked out ready an action-packed day of 3 rugby league matches consisting of Jersey Flegg, NSW Cup and the main game between Sydney Roosters and Manly Sea-eagles.

The pitch was looking an absolute picture. Plenty of points on a quick field which made for entertaining Rugby league. Throughout the day, the ground staff were on hand to assist with checking the field of play at the intervals of each match to ensure it will was in the best condition possible for the players.

Overall, after 4 matches, the pitch held together extremely well and now we have 4 weeks to give it some rest before our next event!

We’re extremely proud of our team and the efforts they put in over the weekend, the turf looked great!